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Piguno provides best of Indonesia furniture manufacturer and exporter of wooden and all style furniture also handicraft from Indonesia.

Indonesia furniture export

Piguno Indonesian furniture manufacturers offers Indonesia furniture, exporter of indoor to outdoor, furniture for project, decorative lighting, home decor, and craft with retail & wholesale prices. Our high-quality furniture products for homes, restaurant, resorts, villas, apartments, hospitality, private house, and hotel projects (FF & E).
All kinds of Indonesian furniture are from teak wood, wooden mahogany, indoor teak wood, contemporary & modern, reclaimed teak wooden, teak root, teak branch, rattan synthetic, alloy casting, solid teak wood, also stainless steel.

Indonesia furniture manufacturers
Indonesia furniture manufacturers

Our furniture workshops empowering local craftsmen in Solo, Cirebon, and Jepara Central. With years of experiences in handmade wood working, Indonesia furniture supplier and machinery woodworking. What’s Kind Furniture do you need? Any special inquiry design or any furniture projects.

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piguno furniture indonesiaPIGUNO by WISANKA – HEAD OFFICE
Jl. Solo Jogja KM 26 Penggung, Ceper
Klaten, Jawa Tengah – Indonesia, Asia.
Phone : +62 272 555 888 / +62 272 555 777
Mobile : +62 8122688273
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Indonesia furniture industry

We believe skill and depth knowledge of furniture are the main foundation for everyone in this company. By those strength and supported with premium design, we will deliver “value” to our customers. We would like to create wide target market not only limited for wholesaler and retailer but also projects including hotel furniture projects, villa project, housing project or event restaurant project unexceptional private house and government office. During our 20 years existence in Indonesia Furniture industry those target market is complete adequately.

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Indonesia teak wood furniture has been exporting furniture since that year. And Indonesia teak wood furniture, joining the Wisanka Indonesia group, has completed projects both domestically and abroad. You can check the teak wood furniture manufacturer project.

Indonesian teak wood supplier is willing to provide a variety of wooden furniture. You can also order furniture according to the design you want. Or you can also order furniture according to our furniture catalog. Minimum purchase at our furniture company is one small container. You can join together with your friends to buy furniture at an Indonesian teak wood furniture company. So that one container can be fulfilled. For ordering, please contact our marketing.


Looking for modern furniture that is beautiful and strong enough to take time to look for it. Contemporary teak furniture is the right choice for those of you who are looking for modern furniture. Such as modern dining table furnituredining chairsmodern bedroom furniturecontemporary bedroom furniture, etc.
Learn more about contemporary teak furniture, you can check our product categories in contemporary furniture. We are Indonesia furnitureIndonesia furniture manufacturer where we are located in the city of Solo.

And provide a variety of furniture from teak wood that is super strong and good, as well as other types of wood. You can order furniture according to the design you have. So you can contact teak wood furniture marketing Indonesia via the live chat below.

Summer has arrived. Many people like to share happiness outside the room. As an entrepreneur, you definitely don’t want to lose like providing a great place to express people’s happiness outside the room. Such as creating an outdoor gardenoutdoor restaurant, etc.
What you need is outdoor furnitureOutdoor furniture needs to be designed thematically and blends with nature if you want to make a deep impression. For example, with the use of teak garden furniture. Why should you use teak wood for your furniture? Because teak wood can last up to decades. So you can save your money for the next few years to invest in teak furniture.

Then you also get a great view with teak wood patio furniture. The natural line art found in teak also adds to its strong natural character. Come on, to get teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture, you can contact our marketing via live chat below.

The definition of solid wood is wood that is still pure. This wood is cut down from the forest and can be directly used as material for making furniture. Some woods that can be classified as solid wood include teak, mahogany, tamarind, pine and so on. The wood usually has grown in the forest for years before it can be used as furniture material.
You can get classy and durable furniture by using solid teak wood furniture. There are many solid teak furniture products sold at high prices.
To get genuine solid teak furniture, you can get it at Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture. We use old teak wood. The production process from the beginning to the solid teak wood furniture products to the hands of consumers is clear. Solid teak furniture products that we make based on our customer requests. Starting from solid teak gardensolid teak outdoorsolid teak table furniture. If you want a solid teak root, we can also accept orders from you.
Many interesting choices about solid teak wood furniture in Indonesia furniture manufacture Indonesia Teak Wood furniture. For more information about solid teak wood furniture catalog, please contact Indonesian teak wood furniture marketing.


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