Kampung Batik Kauman

Kampung batik Kauman Solo

Wisata Kampung Batik Kauman Solo

One of the oldest batik art center in the city of Solo. Located in between Jalan Slamet Riyadi and Jalan Rajiman, you can reach here using the public transportation called Batik Solo Trans from Balapan Station. Back in the days, this place was civilized by Kesunanan Keraton people, who preserved the old tradition by doing the batik arts.

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Up until today, there are three kinds of batik kauman’s main products; Classic Batik (Batik Tulis), Stamp Batik and the combination between the two. There are more than 30 batik industries inside the area, which offers you different kinds and motives of batik, so you won’t need to worry about running out of options.

In Kampung Batik Kauman, there are various places that can be visited by tourists, including: batik house, batik showroom, batik training place, research and development of batik products, as well as a batik collection museum.

History of Kauman Batik Village

According to history, this Kauman Batik Village was once a settlement for the courtiers of the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace who maintained the tradition by making batik. This Kauman Batik Village offers a uniqueness, namely that visitors and batik sellers can interact directly by visiting the batik industry house. In addition, visitors can also see the batik production process and learn to make batik directly.

kampung batik kauman

Take a walk on Kampung Batik Kauman Solo

The good thing is, you can always interact with the artist directly and see how it was made. But make sure to just take a walk if you visit this place because it is situated in the small alley.

The tourists can access this village very easily because many signposts are installed so that visitors do not get lost. It is better for tourists to walk, ride trishaws, bicycles, or motorbikes while walking through this village.

The visitors seem to be taken to the passage of time when walking in the alleys of this Kauman Batik Village area. There are several houses with a unique combination of Colonial-Javanese, Joglo, and Limasan architectural styles.

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