Outdoor Teak Furniture Lombok

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Outdoor Teak Furniture Lombok

Outdoor Teak Furniture There is so many types of outdoor furniture, one of their function is to beautify the home, especially for the outer part of the house. Outdoor Furniture can be made from several materials such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Bamboo, Teak Wood, Bangkirai Wood, and Merbau Wood. Even the furniture made from Teak Wood is very expensive compared to other materials but many consumers would prefer Teak Wood as their furniture over any other materials. The features of Teak Wood that create many consumers prefer this material over any others.

outdoor teak furniture pigunoTip’s for maintenance teak furniture

Outdoor Teak Furniture has a specific color and it is the beauty of this furniture besides the durability of the material itself. The furniture is made from Teak Wood, especially for outdoor furniture, it is recommended that for the first week of receiving the furniture, put teak oil on all surfaces of the furniture on daily basis, thereafter on monthly basis. If we compare it with other solid wood which has the same growth time, teak wood is still the favorite because teak wood has strength, quality, durability, and decorative value. Also for the teak wood manufacturer, the process of making furniture from teak wood is simple and easy in terms of construction and making the frame.

But the point is on the quality because it is not comparable with other kinds of wood. Outdoor Teak Furniture usually uses several types of finishing, a fine sanded, teak oil, UV protection treatment, and H2O treatment.

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Outdoor Teak Furniture Lombok


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Outdoor furniture for Lombok

Outdoor Teak Furniture can be placed in your garden spot also, well, in some part of garden we always find the boring spot and blind spot of the space in the garden. Therefore, it is some idea to make the boring spot space in the garden for relaxing whenever you have your leisure time.

Outdoor Teak Furniture can function as Garden Teak Furniture also because the garden is the space where we always spend of leisure time and most of our time with family or doing our hobbies in the garden. The great of furniture choice for your garden it will be your great treasure for the future and your lifetime with your family also. Contact Piguno furniture for Indonesia furniture manufacturers. Have a nice shopping and have a good choice for your garden furniture.

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