Teak wood furniture Indonesia

Teak wood furniture Indonesia

Indonesian teak furniture manufacturer is a furniture company in Solo City. Indonesian Teak Wood Supplier was established in 1993.

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Indonesia teak wood furniture has been exporting furniture since that year. And Indonesia teak wood furniture, joining the Wisanka Indonesia group, has completed projects both domestically and abroad. You can check the teak wood furniture manufacturer project.

Indonesian teak wood supplier is willing to provide a variety of wooden furniture. You can also order furniture according to the design you want. Or you can also order furniture according to our furniture catalog. Minimum purchase at our furniture company is one small container. You can join together with your friends to buy furniture at an Indonesian teak wood furniture company. So that one container can be fulfilled. For ordering, please contact our marketing.

Tip’s for maintenance teak wood furniture

Teak Furniture have a specific color and it is the beauty of this furniture beside the durability of the material itself. The furniture made from Teak Wood, especially for outdoor furniture, it is recommended that for the first week of receiving the furniture, put teak oil on all surfaces of the furniture on daily basis, thereafter on monthly basis. If we compare with other solid wood which have the same growth time, teak wood is still being the favorite because teak wood have strength, quality, durability, and decorative value. Also for the teak wood manufacturer, the process of making furniture from teak wood is simple and easy in term of construction and making the frame.

But the point is on the quality, because it is not comparable with other kind of wood. Teak wood Furniture usually use several types of finishing, a fine sanded, teak oil, UV protection treatment, and H2O treatment.

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