Tips for Buying Wooden Table Need to Choose the Size and Height

tips for buyinh wooden table

Tips for Buying Wooden Table – A time where many people spend most of their time working from home. Especially when you have to work from home all day like this. It is always important to choose your favorite furniture to decorate your office to inspire yourself. It has become an increasingly popular activity. Especially the rattan table or wooden table combined with various room decorations. And today we are going to look at some great tips for choosing a wooden table. What to consider?

Why is the table made of wood?

Whether to buy an artificial wood table or a real wood table One thing these two users offer is that it can provide a good natural atmosphere And especially if it is real wood, it is even better. because of the quality of materials that are durable and have a long life. Including the colors and motifs of natural natural wood tables. gives a warm feeling and looks beautiful every time you see it. Because with the uniqueness of each piece of wood, the pattern is also unique. It can be placed in various corners of the house without being boring. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people consider the ‘wooden table’ as the first choice that many people tend to think of.

But in addition to the beauty and quality of the material Buying a table to support our work There are various intricacies that must be carefully considered beforehand. is that our usage pattern And the size of the table that can support the body of users like us

Any tips on choosing a wooden table? need to choose the size and height of the table Let’s see the answer together.

The standard ergonomic desk you should buy

The principle of ergonomics may sound foreign to me, but this word comes from a combination of two words, Ergon (work) + Nomos (natural law), which means “Science regulates work patterns so that they are easier to do. consistent with the body and do not harm the person using it”, of course

Of course, choosing a good table should be calculated based on the appropriate “table size” for our use. And also correct ergonomic principles at the same time because in 1 day we have to spend about 8 hours working sitting or more. If you sit in the wrong position for a long time, it will have a negative impact on your health in the long run.

Inetta coffee table 3 shelves

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Tips for choosing a table, how to do it?

Workbench Size

the size of the table will depend on the area of ​​use and the size of the room with a standard table size should have a width of 40-45 centimeters and a length of 90-100 centimeters or more. or maybe use the user as a criterion to measure Start by using both arms close to the body. Then raise both arms parallel to the floor. while the elbow is still close to the body Length from fingertip to elbow This is the proper length of the workbench to allow the user to pick up something. And move comfortably, of course.

Table Height

In general, the standard table height If measured from the floor, it is 29-30 inches or 73-76 centimeters, which is actually Other factors must be taken into account, such as the height of the user. seat height and usage characteristics Adhering to the principle that “the right size, not too high and not too low”

If the table is too high The user should always try to shrug his shoulders while working. which will cause discomfort not being able to keep the arm close to the body Arm pain may occur when sitting for long periods of time.

If the table is too low Users have to bend over a lot or bend their back. This is a very inappropriate position to work in. Because it can cause back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

Tips for Buying Wooden Table

As mentioned above, wooden tables have many advantages. So how should you choose this wooden furniture? Let’s look at the tips (not) the secrets one by one.

1. Table Strength

You need a place to store all your essentials, including books, documents, alcoves, computers, and other gadgets, so you don’t have to choose a cheap or rickety wooden desk. If you intend to use it for a long time, it’s best to choose one that is strong and not easily shaken. If possible, avoid soft wood. Look for hardwood. solid texture like teak.

2. Suitable for indoor space and environment

Not only consider the use of space and placement but wooden tables come in a variety of colors. And what color matches the decor of our room? Dark brown gives a solemn classic look and adds dignity. or mocha wood to give a warm feeling The color of the wooden table can affect the overall atmosphere.

3. Quality of Workmanship

To ensure that the wooden table that we will buy has you. Don’t forget to read a lot of reviews or for those who like to choose their own furniture. You can go see the work in front of the shop. You will get a wood work that fits your needs. Check the technician’s quality and details by trying to pull the drawer in and out. This gives it a strong yet smooth touch, looking like a smooth tabletop. no flakes or have unequal levels


A good desk can help you work more efficiently. If you are looking for a good quality wooden table. You can request our furniture catalog via the live chat below. We are a Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer based in the city of Solo, Indonesia. we serve export furniture for you. Whether for hotel furniture, apartment furniture, Indonesia furniture, restaurant furniture, and others. We make every piece of furniture with care and know the truth about teak. Tips for Buying Wooden Table.

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